Unitron Hearing Aids

Paradise Coast Hearing Care in Naples, Florida is proud to offer hearing aids from Unitron. Unitron offers completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids as well as other types of hearing aid products.


Quantum Micro from Unitron

The Quantum micro CIC is so small it’s hidden from sight – only your client’s will know they’re wearing it. It provides a discreet, ultra comfortable fit without the need for deep impressions. And is completely hassle free, thanks to our advanced automatic technologies. The Quantum micro CIC is hardly noticeable – except when it comes to delivering the highest fidelity, most natural listening experience.


Quantum from Unitron

Quantum from Unitron is a new generation of intuitive hearing aids that allows you to hear the way nature intended.

Whether it’s your favorite voice or your favorite song, Quantum recognizes and enhances each sound, adjusting automatically to any listening environment. Quantum does the work. All you have to do is listen.

Please contact our office in Naples, FL at 239-263-8855 to make an appointment.
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